When there’s a divider as big as the sea. When I can’t be there please believe me, that I’ll be right with you holding your hand, like the time we walked barefoot our toes deep in the sand.

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Sports Day for grown ups

The games that can’t be named (or Sports Day for grown ups) is almost here. Olympic lanes are now open on some of the stretches of roads in and around London and rush hour traffic gets just that little bit more irritating. Sports day comes with much fanfare and a lot of pomp and ceremony […]

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I’m batman

In preparation for Dark Knight Rises I’m watching a few animated adventures and found myself doodling in the Paper app. This was the scratchy ramblings of my doodle finger. I’m batman. No, I’m batman.

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Too tired

I’d write a post about being tired. But I’m too tired. I’d maybe moan and whinge a bit. But I’m too tired. I’d tell you about the boy that doesn’t sleep. Who shouts and calls and turns up the heat, in a house that’s already starting to creak under the stress of getting little to […]

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