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Butter for ya muffin

You know that bit of waxy paper between the lid and the buttery spread? What’s that all about?

I am the paper that sits on top of your spread.
I’ve seen that look upon your face, you often scratch your head.
I know you want to discard me, throw me in the bin,
but you don’t know my purpose, to chuck me’d be a sin.

So I’ll sit here getting crinkled, oily and unloved.
til the time you drop me on the floor
and decide enough’s enough.

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Bustin’ makes me feel good

A quick doodle created on iPad app, Paper.
Sent in reply to a twittering iOS developer chap tweeting the words “/Takes aim at bug“.

This is, of course, what my mind saw.

Taking aim at a bug. Vroom Stylee.

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Let’s talk about the weather

Here is my review of the weather this week in, Kent.

It was sunny.
It was hot.
It was muggy and there was not
a single cloud in the sky
Though I’d not see it,
coz my eye,
was red from the lotion
and the sweat that I’d motioned,
with the backs of my hands
‘cross my profusely dripping glands. 

Way too hot for a big man with a beard.
Bring back the sort of weather that allows for touching, holding and snuggling. None of this sweaty, lethargic, getting-bitten-by-moskitos-coz-the-windows-and-doors-are-always-open nonsense.

I give this weather, 6/10



*Score upped by 4 points due to summer clothing normally being more interesting than winter clobber.

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I’ll settle for a cup of coffee, but you know what I really need

I was listening to Monster by REM this morning. I often forget how much I love this album, ‘though that love was certainly not instant, what with it being the departure  it was from REM’s folk rock beginnings and the pure beauty of Automatic for the people. Monster is raw. I recall a quote from Bill Berry on the making of the album. “Pete’s got a new guitar and I’ve got a new set of drums and I get to hit them real hard“. It sums up perfectly the attitude they must have had going into the recording of this album. Balls out, “fuck it, let’s do this and see what happens”.

For me it brings back memories of a time gone by. The summer of ’95.

I don’t sleep, I dream

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Little words

In 2011 I wrote this song about love and life. Knowing that my limited vocal range, lack of production skills and insufficient repertoire of chords might not do it justice I handed it over to my good friend who was about to take part in FAWM 2011. A creative musical challenge of producing 14 songs in a month.

To have a listen click here

Little Words

I took a picture so that I’d see you every day
as I walk through the sunshine and the rain.

I’m always close to home but so very far away
and I only want to be with you.

I’ve got to say it
You want to hear it
Those little words
That mean the world

When we met eyes were opened to how fragile life is
and I take in all the beauty of this world.

I’ve got to say it
You want to hear it
Those little words
That mean the world

I want you
I need you
To hold you
To feel you.

I heard that time was fleeting
I’ll take what I can get right now
To spend all my time
With you.

I’ve got to say it
You want to hear it
Those little words
That mean the world.

I’ve got to say it
You want to hear it
Those little words
That mean the world.
To you and and me.

I want you.
I need you.
I love you.

Little words…

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