Almost 6 months on from release and I caved. I’d done so well to avoid the gadget lust. Convincing myself that I didn’t need another shiny thing. That I didn’t need another prop to occupy my time. Time, lately, evades me and if anything I need more of the stuff than things to fill it. […]

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An open letter to a wall

Dear wall, I’m  sorry for punching you last night but you did bite my leg before the game had even started. It’s been a bad few days and perhaps, you know, I may have over reacted. I’m sorry for screaming that word out loud before I tried to hit, but the foul upon my foot, […]

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Will Powers

Fuck you, Will Powers. You think you’re cool, with your dark hair and sunglasses. Fuck you, Will Powers. You think you’re the man, with your washboard stomach and your ability to eat whatever you want without getting fat. Fuck you, Will Powers. Just because everyone thinks you’re funny doesn’t mean you are. Maybe they’re laughing […]

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