Just do it

I’m guilty. Guilty of not doing stuff with my son because I think it will be a faff, or a struggle or he’ll be too tired or won’t behave. That I’ll be embarrassed having to tell him off, that there will be nappies. Stuff like that. This weekend I could have said no to 2 […]

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Elation. Grief. Suffering.

A fellow blogger suggested to me that we start doing some artistic exercises. This coming off the back of me getting him hopelessly addicted to the Draw Something app and us having the same mentality in our execution – that being you draw the most over elaborate sketch for something like “carrot”. Using the oddball […]

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It’s good to have focus. I can normally retain a decent level of focus for around 3-5 minutes. I’m quite sure that this is a level normally associated with children under the age of 5 and yet there isn’t a thing I can do about it. Even writing those 46 words took a lot longer […]

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Bored of cereal now. Can someone pass me that loaf of bread? Yeah, that one. The one next to the cheese. Fuckit, pass me the cheese too. And the butter. Give it. Give it. Give it!

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There will be cereal

I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating a hell of a lot more junk food lately. Now I’m not saying that’s your fault, but it certainly needs to be addressed. I need to be disciplined. Action needs taking against the consumption of white bread, of crisps and of cheese. You know you’re in trouble when you […]

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