Walking the dog

We’ve got a dog. He’s only little. He looks like a cat. We’ve had him some time. 12 years I think. He doesn’t go out much. It honestly didn’t occur to us that this dog, that looks like a miniature Ewok, had been telling us, for quite some time, that he wants to go out. […]

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Wash over you

Letting it all wash over you is a form of art. To focus yourself & lead from the heart is easier said, and often not done but when you succeed you’ll find it’s a lot of fun. So grab your life by the glove, breathe in & love. x

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That moment when you realise that the words that you’re writing will end up in a sentence that kind of needs explaining and the grammar that you’re using is really quite appalling and the lack of punctuation is definitely galling. That.  

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A leek and a potato

I’ve been a bit slack with the whole “cooking new things from books I’ve not read thing“. It’s mainly down to a lack of time at the moment, or budget, or both. It’s certainly not from a lack of effort. Honest guv.  This week I did however manager to do something midweek which answered all […]

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