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End of all time

If tomorrow really is the end of the world, I just want to say I’ll have no regrets. Not proper ones, anyway.

Ok, maybe one.

or two.

Some. Maybe some regrets, but overall definitely no regrets.

Oh except that thing with… hmm, yeah I probably shouldn’t have done that.

But on the whole, no regrets.

With any luck tomorrow is just end of work for a bit and we won’t all be swimming in a pool of dark nothingness with only our thoughts as company for the rest of all time.

Enjoy the last day of school, kids.


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Where’s my xmas spirit?

Where’s my Xmas spirit?

I’ve looked, have you seen it?

No bells, no snow,

no mistletoe.

No carols or singing,

not even a stocking.

My bones without cheer

and for this time of year

it just isn’t right,

for when I look out at night

and see the twinkle of lights

and trees with their tinsels

It makes me wish I will

wake up the next day

feeling merry and gay,

with mince pie in my hand

and a great marching band

playing yule tide tunes

whilst kids play with balloons.

Until then I’ll keep looking

for that magical feeling.

The wonder of christmas

and a big figgy pudding.

(Yeah, I sort of lost my way with this but you’ll let me off coz it’s almost Christmas… right?)

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