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So this just happend (aka. “Crepes”.)

So this just happened at work.

“Gimmee your creps” she said.


“Yeah, that’s what the kids say”

The kids?



“Creps! Trainers.”

Crepes? Pancakes.


Pancakes. Kids are walking around with pancakes on their feet?


But you said…

“It’s what the kids say”

The kids, are idiots.


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No milk today

There’s no milk in the office kitchen.

The tea drinkers are scratching at the walls.

Some have tried adding tip-ex to their brews.

Others are trying to milk each other.

A wiry woman boils the kettle, empties it and boils it again.

The salesman in the corner gnaws a teabag like a cowboy chews tobacco.

The drinker of black coffee strokes his beard, sips and smiles.

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Read it daddy!


Today’s sketch is in support of @readitdaddy and his campaign to remind parents why it’s important (and so much fun) to read to your little ones.

For more information about the campaign, and to read some great reviews on books perfect for reading to and with your kids, head over to the Read it daddy blog.

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Today we’ve been looking at poems for funerals. Trying to find something light-hearted, dare I say “funny” specifically dealing with death is quite tricky. There doesn’t seem to be a hell of a lot out there, and I guess that’s to be expected.

So I thought I’d give it a shot. 

I’ll tell you right now…. I failed. I failed miserably. What I’ve come up with certainly scans ok, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s far from light-hearted. It almost belongs in a sympathy card.

I think the trick to writing an amusing poem about death is definitely in knowing the person. The few examples scattered online all talk knowingly about the ex-individual. Perhaps in this instance, that’s where I’ve fallen down.
Back to the drawing board.


You’re dead now, but that’s ok.

No longer will you suffer.

The good times will remain with us

and the bad, well they don’t matter.

Your friends and family all gathered here

on this cold grey winters day,

to say farewell, goodbye, ta-ta

and wipe the tears away.

They say it’s time to Rest In Peace

when it’s your time to depart.

So we’ll leave you now, to sleep, not dream

forever in our hearts.

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Not today, thanks


Some days are better than others.
Sometimes you get given a whole heap of sunshine.
Some days you don’t want anything else.
Sometimes it’s just enough.

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