“Do you like the silence?” The words felt awkward the minute he’d used them. “I’m not sure I know what you mean?” He reached down and took a sip from the cold coffee without moving his eyes. “Actually, I’m not sure I do either” he scanned the room looking for help, some inspiration from somewhere. […]

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The gardener

Last night we discussed show and tell techniques, the extremes of both and how to strike the ideal balance. Below is my show piece using the feeder line “I brought the gardener out a cup of coffee. “Thanks,” he said” It was interesting to hear some of the other pieces, a great many of which […]

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Asleep in the hay

College assignment: An eye witness account of something I couldn’t possibly have seen. I decided to attempt a scripted version of this. Not sure I really got what wanted down on paper, so I might tackle this again some other time. Anyway, here it is. Excuse the formatting, it’s gone a bit shonky. Fade up […]

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