Inbox (1)

The email landed in his inbox. He’d been staring at the empty screen for a while now even though, really, he hadn’t been expecting anything to arrive, yet there it was. He sat and stared, not daring to click it. He knew he shouldn’t have sent a mail in the first place. He knew it […]

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Sing a different song

The coffee doesn’t taste as sweet. And I really don’t want to eat. The thought we’ll never meet breaks me. The sky has misplaced its sun. Life just doesn’t seem as fun. I even want to run to find you. I know that life goes on. and now you sing a different song To the […]

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Rock n’ Roll Sound

I’m ever so proud of this, so please excuse me if I gush a bit. Here is the second song that I have written for my good friend, Greg Lines who is taking part in FAWM. To have a listen please click here! This took 20 minutes to write and 3 hours to record. Record […]

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Has a letter arrived for me

Last of this weeks creative writing assignments. “Has a letter arrived for me?”   “Has a letter arrived for me?” Billy sat on the third stair from the bottom, drumming his little hands on his Spider-Man pyjama bottoms. “Dad!” “What?” grumbled dad as he continued to flick through the post, deliberately flicking past anything that […]

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Who was that on the phone?

[Writing exercise 2 from the course this week. 10 mins to write the line “who was that on the phone?”] As she placed the phone back on it’s cradle with a click that defied the silence she was trying to achieve, she let out a long breath that had seemingly been trapped inside her for […]

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