Big orange ball

What is that big orangey ball in the sky? I sort of remember, but I can’t think why. It’s making me squint and reach for my shades to block out the glare of those eye-blinding rays. Where’s it been hiding? Did it just not care? That the greyness of winter was having more than it’s […]

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The living room

One more from the memory class at college. The topic – First Room.   The living room was my play room. The living room was the dining room, the back room and the front room. The living room was every room.   The living room had a hi-fi. The hi-fi had sharp corners. I had […]

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Back to college this week and with it a few more exercises. This week we discussed memory and that frankly, it’s probably a big lying bastard and shouldn’t be trusted. Or rather… it should, it’s probably made things more interesting than they were originally. Mixing fact with fiction is definitely a great way to move […]

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Seagulls know. They are the keepers of our secrets

“Ppsstt”. Nothing. Barry tried again, “Ppsstt!” “What?” “It’s the seagulls” Barry said, pointing an outstretched claw towards the dunes. “What about them?” Replied Colin, raising his shell slightly to gain a better look. “It’s the seagulls,” he repeated. “They know.” Colin scuttled up close to Barry and stared straight into his eyes. “What do they […]

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The cars silently made their way around the black maze of the city as she looked down through a ceiling of flickering streetlights far below the hotel window. As she removed her hand from the pocket of her open gown she fingered the skin on her ring finger with her thumb. A sigh, halfway between […]

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