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Summer storm


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The penguin looked at me

A fish past three

A cabbage in a tree.

The milkman walked right by

and the penguin looked at me.


A quarter past door

Two rainclouds on the floor.

The postman’s on a camel

and the carrot’s looking sore.


A Ten to squirrel

Nothing rhymes with squirrel.

A bulb filmed an orange

on the ninth in the Wirral.


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The ghost of you

Your silhouette awakens.
Lines as perfect as the smile before a kiss.
Tempting me, luring me from my sleep.
so peaceful.

Sitting on the edge,
the crumpled duvet your makeshift robe.
A sideways swipe to move your hair,  the gentlest touch,
a whisper.

You wear the moonlight on your skin
a lunar dress hugging your curves in a passionate embrace,
a physical connection reserved just for

Do you know that I watch you?
A statue. Scared to interrupt that perfect moment.
A photo in my mind, a memory to keep forever, framed
in my heart.

Drawn towards you, the sheets and creaky mattress betray me.
I touch your skin.
Sighs escape, and in that moment I know my heart will always belong
to you.

I wrap my arms around you, your fingers, slipping between mine.
Never letting go.
My heartbeat. Your back.
Your scent so sweet my eyes close as I breathe you in.

You raise my hands to your heart.
The softness of your body sends shivers down my spine,
I hope.
My eyes open.
I’m alone again.


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Together is better

Together is better than being apart.


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Float on

When the world makes you dither, makes you cry, makes you shiver you can
Just float on.

When It feels like you are wrong, like you’re stuck and all alone you should
Just float on.

When confusion takes ahold, and you’re sick of being told you might
Just float on.

Because when you’re looking down
from the clouds to the ground
Those things wont seem so daunting and
My love will keep you soaring
And you’ll just float on.


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