“Spurs v Liverpool?” “Do it.” – “Wait. Versus or co-op?” “Co-op.” “Co-op.” “Wait.” “What now?” “Online or against the computer?” “Good call. Er… Shall we take the good fight online?” “Fuck yeah.” Frank picked up the xbox controller and started flicking through the game’s menu screen. “Beer?” “Sure, dude, help yourself whilst I get us […]

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An Ode to the Argos

Keith didn’t have a happy night through connection drops and crying, yet through it all he kept his cool jogged on and kept on trying.   With through balls here and crosses there his passes were quite inspiring. Then The Egg would hatch a cunning plan and scream, “I’m here, ARRIVING!”   Choppy liked to smash […]

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From college this week. Set a scene at someone’s house just before they come home. 100 words. The Sport The creaky, cracked, black, faux leather sofa was where he kept it. Always the left hand side and never the right. Sometimes it was under the heavy seat cushion but today only a handful of grey […]

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