Submitted as part of Friday Fictioneers in response the photo attached below. It’s a lot of fun trying to hit that 100 word mark. why not give it a go! ———- “Here we are.” John pulled the car over and pointed. Jane peered through the window and back to John. “What do you think? It’s not much […]

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Frozen in time

See the problem with being frozen in time is that even when you want to call out, you can’t. According to the newspaper I saw being read yesterday in front of the shop, it’s now 2013. 57 long, lonely years since my wedding day and not once have I complained about this whole “being frozen […]

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How to park

Have you ever had that thing where you drive to the supermarket or the shopping mall, park your car in a bay, get out, lock it and look around for some sort of sign or landmark by which to remember quickly and easily the location of said car? It always seems like such a good […]

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The funeral

“How was your funeral?” she asked. She had meant “THE funeral”; I’m fairly sure I’m not dead. Two days ago I wore a black tie with my white shirt; it had just felt like a black tie with a white shirt kind of day. She looked at me and realised I was 15% less scruffy-looking […]

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