Larry was a sheep. At least, Larry thought he was a sheep. He’d read about them in books and was convinced he had all the hallmarks. He flocked with the others and the plural of his name was the same as the singular. What more proof did he need? The other sheep didn’t like Larry. […]

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A Failed Handshake

A stroll, a glance, a little nod. Reciprocated from, I think, it’s Bob. A wave, a pass, a hand outstretched. A reach, a miss, oh what a mess. A head held low. Shoulders high. Don’t stop. Don’t turn. It’s not that guy.  

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40 days and 40 nights

It had been raining inside the supermarket for 40 days and 40 nights and Percy, who had been sitting on a makeshift island constructed from tins of baked beans, was beginning to get more than a little cheesed off. George, whilst floating by last Wednesday on a barge made from sardine cans and baguettes, had […]

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Andy writes porn. With the family tucked up in bed, Andy would take his laptop and sit in the big chair and tap away at the keys. The blue hue of the screen illuminated his face every Wednesday night and it would always be a race to finish the final chapter before the heat of […]

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When the seagulls follow the trawler…

Written, once again, for Friday Fictioneers, A photo prompt each week designed to tease out some imagination using 100 words.   “Stand still, Colin” squawked Barry, “this isn’t going to work if you keep flapping around!” “gggg bbllgggghhh cccoooorrrr” gargled Colin, ushering his friend down from on high. “ugh, what now?” sighed Barry, as he […]

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