Feeling good

Steven drummed his fingertips on the steering wheel. By his reckoning he’d now been sat behind this tractor for 15 minutes. He honked his horn. He honked it hard. Still nothing. He turned off the engine but, keeping the battery active, he switched on the radio. Barry White was half way through one of his […]

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Over the hill

The 7th was a par 5. A long par 5 at that. If they’d let you have a par 6 it would have been a par 6. Anyway, I teed off and hit a lovely ol’ shot. Straight down the fairway. Geoff followed. Landed in the rough about 45 yards from me. No change there. […]

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Poe Faced

James Frederick Evans, or “little Jimmy” as he was known to his nearest and dearest, had been imprisoned for over 3 years now. Trapped inside his little red cell with very little wriggle room. He’d run and jump and play never more. He’d not seen the signs. He’d known not to keep off the grass. […]

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Forty Two

The gate squeaked, the gravel shuffled and the letterbox clattered as February 14th’s mail cascaded to the ground. Mark grabbed his Spider-Man dressing gown and ran from the top of the stairs to the bottom. There he sat, crossed legged on the matt shuffling through the letters like a terrible dining room magician. “Bill. Bill. […]

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The Interview

“…and so for as long as I can remember I’ve been in Spain, drinking in the sunshine and just enjoying life. Things are so much better when you can just let go, you know? I mean, take Miguel, he looks chilled and cool but I’ve seen him after hours; the guy has serious issues. He […]

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