It had long been said that Fleming Forest was haunted. The story is told, that two centuries ago a young servant girl had been brutally murdered in the nearby village of Gossip and her body dragged through the streets before being tied to a tree and left there for the local wildlife to feast upon. […]

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Diet Plans

As the office left for a pub lunch, Rachel opened the folder entitled Diet Plans. Inside were 4 separate spreadsheets. Each one was labelled “NEW Diet Plan” followed by one of the following words: Maternity Bikini Christmas Cheese She positioned the mouse cursor over the word Bikini and double clicked. The hard drive of the […]

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The Plank

“Walk the plank!” Captain Billy ordered, his sword swooshing menacingly above his head. I looked out at the wooden walkway of doom and gulped as seagulls and vultures circled and crowed above. The sea salt filled my nostrils and I began to feel sick. “b.b.but…” I stammered, one foot tentatively examining the boards. “But nothing, […]

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Gerald peered through fuzzy eyes. His head was pounding, and he had no idea who had taken his shoes. As last nights of freedom go, this had clearly been a belter. He stood up, rubbed his peepers and took stock of his surroundings. He was definitely on a mountain. How the bloody-buggery-bollocks had he ended […]

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