Greg, Jimmy, John, Pete and I

It began like any other, civilised, night out. A few beers, a glass or four of Pinot and several shots later, things took a turn. Gregory started it. He’d just started randomly singing to himself. That’s when Jimmy picked up the lute and began belting out this awesome riff. Did you know Jimbob played the […]

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You don’t belong here anymore

He stood in the doorway, looking back at the mess he’d created. Papers scattered about the floor, electronics smashed, furnishings torn and the smell of gasoline filling his senses. This used to be his home from home. His safe-haven, but now? Now it was all just noise. A collection of stuff that haunted his dreams […]

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E-Book Launch

Originally posted on The Writers' Life:
MirrorsThe Cover The long awaited collection, Mirrors, will be published tomorrow night! The authors have put up their feet now, and so can you while you enjoy the read. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside the cover. Mirrors is an anthology of short stories, creative non-fiction and…

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Every third Thursday, the town of Bullscock began its two week long festivities. A celebration of all things Spanish in honour of the town’s founder, Norman Crackers. History tells us that Norman once visited Spain for a 2 week getaway and really enjoyed it. He drank Sangria, danced the flamenco, and ate paella. The paella […]

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