The other man

“I say.” said the man. “I say!” said the other man. “No you didn’t.” exclaimed the man. “I bloody did.” replied the other man. “I sayed first.” said the man. “Well I said.” objected the other man, “And besides, ‘sayed’ isn’t even a word.” The man took a deep breath. The other man did the same. […]

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Running Man

When my brother phoned and told me that he was going for a run, I never thought one moment, it would be under the starter’s gun.   He said he’d do a marathon, (to me an age old Snickers). But no, it was the runny-kind. I couldn’t help but snigger.   It reminded me of […]

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Lights. Camera. Ugh!

It was said, that the demon of studio 18 only showed himself when the conditions were just right. A perfect summer storm. On a Tuesday. Oh and there had to be at least two actresses named Mary. The demon didn’t care for their silly conditions. He was just particularly lazy. At demon school, Dave would […]

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