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Knock knock

“Are you completely sure this is it?” Colin asked.

Keith stood with one hand on his bicycle handlebars and one hand stroking his chin. He was sure he’d followed the map precisely.

“I mean, I expected it to look a bit, I dunno, different,” Colin mused.

“This is it,” Keith replied confidently. “It has to be it. Pass me the book.”

Colin hopped off his bike, reached inside his backpack and handed his friend a withered tome.

Turning to page 665, Keith recounted the words with gusto, “Instablam, Faccitaad, Twittstable. We beg of you, open now the gates of Hell!”



This piece was submitted as part of Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. 1 photograph. 100 words. Over 120 people taking part.

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When Harry Went Silly

When Harry said he was going to build a fence to keep the fog out, people thought he was mad.

In the winter of 1993 they were proved right.
Harry was certified insane. His friends left. His family forgot him.

No fog has been seen since.

Today, in a field in Leicester, a piece of land (no bigger than our back gardens together) is fenced off into a slightly wonky rectangle. Inside this quirky quadrant stands a Silver Birch, 7 sheep (sometimes 6 – Gary often goes walkabout) and a small patch of fog roaming – searching for an exit.


If you enjoyed this, why not read 100 other stories from writers around the world all contributing toFriday Fictioneers. If you can’t get enough of them, why not check out another 52 one hundred word stories in my collection, People Watching.

Peope Watching Cover

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Chow Mein for Jermaine

Jermaine had been away from Swindon for a while. He couldn’t remember precisely when he left, but he knew it had been sometime in May.

He’d had a hankering, one Wednesday night, for Chinese food and set off in search of the perfect Chow Mein. He had begun by visiting the local take-aways but soon realised that none of them were up to snuff. A train ride to London soon followed and Jermaine sampled as many noodles as he could in a fortnight.

As he said “so long,” to Soho, Jermaine ventured east until finally (several months later) he stepped off a cargo vessel that had come to rest in Shanghai. Jermaine stayed until he’d tasted every last morsel of Chow Mein in the country. His family and friends often wondered what had driven him to just get up and go. A postcard every month, sent to all he remembered (care of his parents) was all anyone ever knew of his continued existence.

It was a cold February morning the following year, when Jermaine returned to work. His manager, a puzzled look upon his face, couldn’t believe his eyes. His colleagues thought they were looking at a ghost. No word had reached them of Jermaine’s travels. Jermaine himself had never discussed a sabbatical or leave of absence.

He explained that he hadn’t died.
His manager explained they’d mourned him.
He explained, again, that he hadn’t died.
His manager explained he no longer had a job.

He returned home from work to find an eviction notice tacked to the door.

Written as part of a writing exercise for Today’s Author.



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Writing Communities Connect Bloggers Across

Great recognition for Friday Fictioneers!

The Blog

We blog because we have something we want to express and we hope it will resonate with someone else. Blogging enables us to build powerful connections with people we might have never met otherwise.

There are lots of blogging communities and challenges aimed at fostering those relationships and inspiring more blogging. These three, all writing-focused, are building global networks of blogger-writers — maybe you’ll find a home in one!

Today’s Author

The mission of Today’s Author couldn’t be simpler, or more powerful: to foster a community of creative writers through a healthy and supportive environment.

write now

Today’s Author is an open, flexible community of writers focused on helping each other kick-start their pens (or keyboards). Their prompts work for a variety of bloggers, while their “Writers’ Circle” posts explore everything from what to do when inspiration dries up to strategies for editing your own work to how we incorporate our traditions and…

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Mission accomplished: Avengers fight cancer!

Assembled to fight cancer!

Something for a rainy day


Well, this has been an adventure and a half. When we started out on Monday evening, all we wanted to do was to make it possible for my father to see The Winter Soldier and maybe to get a few superhero selfies to make him chuckle. In under 48 hours our mission was accomplished, and then… we kind of went viral. I have to admit something right now: as a bit of perfectionist, it really bugs me that I can’t stay on Twitter all the time and thank each and every one of you who has tweeted the Marvel actors for us, sent messages of love and support, and sent us your sweet pictures for dad. But please know that our family are so very grateful, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, even if I haven’t said so directly.

You have certainly succeeded in cheering us all…

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