Knock knock

“Are you completely sure this is it?” Colin asked. Keith stood with one hand on his bicycle handlebars and one hand stroking his chin. He was sure he’d followed the map precisely. “I mean, I expected it to look a bit, I dunno, different,” Colin mused. “This is it,” Keith replied confidently. “It has to […]

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When Harry Went Silly

When Harry said he was going to build a fence to keep the fog out, people thought he was mad. In the winter of 1993 they were proved right. Harry was certified insane. His friends left. His family forgot him. No fog has been seen since. Today, in a field in Leicester, a piece of […]

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Chow Mein for Jermaine

Jermaine had been away from Swindon for a while. He couldn’t remember precisely when he left, but he knew it had been sometime in May. He’d had a hankering, one Wednesday night, for Chinese food and set off in search of the perfect Chow Mein. He had begun by visiting the local take-aways but soon […]

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