Maria and the crack

Maria twitched. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been staring at the crack but it must have been a while. The coffee in her cup, previously too hot, was now perfectly drinkable. She blinked rapidly and took a sip, her eyes fixated. It wasn’t pretty. It certainly wasn’t that interesting but here Maria stood. She […]

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X Marks The Spot

A pirate that suffers from sea sickness, it turns out, is no pirate at all. Captain Pigeonbeard had long since swapped the stormy seas for life in the clouds. It was fair to say, the change had been much kinder on his constitution. His crew was initially rather miffed at the changes in circumstance. Waving a […]

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An Impossible Choice

Larry looked at the words he’d written in haste. They weren’t the meanest he’d ever wrote, but they certainly weren’t the kindest either. They did, however, say what he wanted to say. They got those heavyweight feelings off his chest. They got them said and out in the open. Quietly. In a text message. To […]

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The Bearded Giant

The Bearded One sat at his Mac, sleep still clinging desperately to the corners of his eyes. The thought of conjuring up a world beyond the ordinary, a world where the everyday folk were cutlery, was dancing around his mind. The Bearded One hesitated. Surely everyone would see the Fork People reference. No, no, this […]

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Handle With Care

“This is genius,” thought Arthur. “Nobody is ever going to find me in here. I am quite literally the best at hiding.” Minutes passed. Arthur reached into his pocket and pulled out a packet of chewing grass. Arthur chewed. Hours passed. “Ppfftt,” he said out loud. Another hour passed. “The thing about hiding,” he mused, […]

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