Captain Boris Picklefox

The sirens wailed. “Thirty seconds until self destruct.” Captain Boris Picklefox stared, wide-eyed, at the blinking console. He knew that he knew which button to press in precisely this situation; he’d been shown at the start of his first week in charge of the Galactic Cruiser and every second Wednesday since. He extended an arm […]

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The invitation had said 3pm. Paul arrived at 2.Three hours later, and with barely a spark, Kevin was sweating. The plan was to light it, make sure the coals were white hot (he’d read that somewhere) and then begin cooking. By the time people arrived, he’d be half way through the cook. This would, Kev thought, have […]

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The Carpet Cleaner

As the millionaire Chairman knelt on the groundthe workers around him could do nothing but frown.For the silver haired leader, an octogenarian,was restoring the carpet to a sparkling new state again. With more cash in the bank than the east side of Surreyhe scrubbed at the carpet with blood, sweat and hurry.When asked why he […]

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