No Horizon

There was no horizon. No land or sea or sky.
There was only Jack.

There were no sounds to be heard. No vibrations or noise.
Jack listened for his heartbeat as he took a tentative step forward. Several shapes blurred into existence as his eyes grew accustomed to white darkness.

“Hello?” he called, leaning gently forward for a reply.

A far-away flame was lit. A beacon of sorts. A sign.
Miles were walked; for minutes, or hours, or days.

“Hello?” he called, as the heat of the flame licked his face.
A shadow grew tall.

“Oh,” he whispered, “it’s you.”


What an interesting photo! For me it, well, you can see above what it said to me. Desolation and wonder. Very intriguing. It’s nice to be writing again after a month break from the blog, and I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s Friday Fiction as the week rolls on.

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