Hornet’s nest

I’d only popped in for a quick coffee. She’d said not to bother, but what with everything I thought she’d be happy to see me. I’d even bought a few bits. A cute little sleep-suit, some nappies, that sort of thing. Anyway we got chatting, well I did (she seemed exhausted) and we started reminiscing about […]

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Just the facts

“You can’t see them anymore because over the years they’ve mostly eroded away – like that one with the nose. There were lots more of them when I was a kid.” “David!” The way she said his name was as short and sharp as the elbow that followed. David ignored her. The kids, it seemed, […]

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“…that’s when they said I should leave.” Mike searched the bottom of his glass. “Hit me again, will ya Sammy?” he pushed his bone-dry shot glass towards the man behind the bar. Sam popped the top from the bottle and poured another shot. “Cheers,” he said, scooping up the drink. “You just can’t trust them. […]

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