“Do a barrel roll”

It had long been a dream of Ted’s to barrel roll over the edge of Niagara Falls.

He’d never been much of a daredevil per se, yet this act of rebellion had excited him ever since he’d caught a TV Movie of the Week in 1974; The Great Niagara.

It had been done before though, and this was a problem. Ted wasn’t keen on leaving behind a legacy as “the clichéd old fool”.

It was a cold Sunday morning in February when Ted stumbled upon his single greatest idea. Or, to be more precise, Ted tripped over his kitchen chair.

Here’s a little 100-worder for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. Please feel free to comment, critique, like or subscribe for more!

Thanks for the kind words last week, folks. Apologies if I didn’t get to your stories, I’ll make a much bigger effort this week I promise!

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