Quarantine? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. I’ve been locked down since 1987, it’s nothing new to me. I’ve seen it all before. 

Polio, Asian Flu, Coronawotsit. It’s all the same, dear. It’s all the same. We survived them. We’ll… I’ll get through this. 

It’s been quiet, yes. Save for the radio. Jim always used to have the radio on – even when he wasn’t listening to it. Never liked the telly, mind. Said it was too noisy.

Not as noisy as that family that moved next door, I used to say to him. 

He’d laugh.

But yes. It’s been quite quiet.

This flash fiction/short story, call it what you will, was written for Friday Fictioneers.

Thanks to Rochelle as ever for hosting, and indeed for this week’s photo prompt. Click here to read this week’s stories from other writers around the world.

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