Yeah about that…

“Yeah sure, I’ll definitely do that tomorrow when the circumstances are just right for the thing that you want me to do.

Tomorrow. Definitely.”

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  • Laura Likes green

    Laura really loved green. Her nails were green, her kitchen was green, her hair had even been conifer, cactus and on one frightful occasion, “Studio Boss“ highlighter green.

  • Yvette’s Wrong Turn

    On paper the idea of a pub crawl in an exotic location was a really good idea.

  • Daniel, Son

    Daniel recently had a son. The word “recently” means different things to different people. For some it represents a couple of days. To others the cut off could be a few weeks, maybe months. For Daniel and his sleep-deprived mind, he was starting to count “recently” in decades. New movies were being remade.“Remade” had been…

  • Tony and the waiter

    Tony checked his watch for the 3rd time that minute, then glanced at the door.He was used to waiting, but that normally involved his wife. “Would you like another, sir?” For a beat he wondered what the waiter knew, before realising his glass was again empty.He nodded and watched as the bottle glugged bravery into…

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