Yeah about that…

“Yeah sure, I’ll definitely do that tomorrow when the circumstances are just right for the thing that you want me to do.

Tomorrow. Definitely.”

this guy

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  • Coffee cup


    Why haven’t you written for so long? Why don’t you just do it? Why don’t you just write what you know? It was a constant. Those voices in his head sure did go on. The voices in the coffee shop went on too. But that was actually OK. It was nice to be around people…

  • Buffet the confidence slayer

    Being bigger than the rest made him think that their eyes would be on him. What would the fat guy get? Would he eat more sandwiches than them? I bet he leaves the fruit!

  • The boy

    A new profile picture for the boy.

  • Deal pier

    Deal Pier

    Deal Pier doesn’t do much, but I love it.

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