Yeah about that…

“Yeah sure, I’ll definitely do that tomorrow when the circumstances are just right for the thing that you want me to do.

Tomorrow. Definitely.”

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  • Slippery Slope

    It was her turn to wash up, of that he was sure.

  • Meeting of Minds

    There had been concerns raised and questions asked when this year’s Annual Convention for the Follicly Challenged was to be held in mid-July at Camber Sands.

  • Edith

    Quarantine? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. I’ve been locked down since 1987, it’s nothing new to me. I’ve seen it all before.  Polio, Asian Flu, Coronawotsit. It’s all the same, dear. It’s all the same. We survived them. We’ll… I’ll get through this.  It’s been quiet, yes. Save for the radio. Jim always used to […]

  • Trevor and Tobias Go Home

    For over 300 years they’d been living in plain sight, deep within central America but now, it seemed, they had been summoned home.

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