The tree

He knew it was going to be a bit of a squeeze, but Tom knew he could do it. Barry, was less than confident. “Don’t do it. Seriously. I’ll give you the five bucks.” Barry checked his seatbelt for the 3rd time and thought about a daring leap as the car sped towards the fallen […]

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End of all time

If tomorrow really is the end of the world, I just want to say I’ll have no regrets. Not proper ones, anyway. Ok, maybe one. or two. Some. Maybe some regrets, but overall definitely no regrets. Oh except that thing with… hmm, yeah I probably shouldn’t have done that. But on the whole, no regrets. […]

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Walking the dog

We’ve got a dog. He’s only little. He looks like a cat. We’ve had him some time. 12 years I think. He doesn’t go out much. It honestly didn’t occur to us that this dog, that looks like a miniature Ewok, had been telling us, for quite some time, that he wants to go out. […]

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A leek and a potato

I’ve been a bit slack with the whole “cooking new things from books I’ve not read thing“. It’s mainly down to a lack of time at the moment, or budget, or both. It’s certainly not from a lack of effort. Honest guv.  This week I did however manager to do something midweek which answered all […]

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