Sing a different song

The coffee doesn’t taste as sweet. And I really don’t want to eat. The thought we’ll never meet breaks me. The sky has misplaced its sun. Life just doesn’t seem as fun. I even want to run to find you. I know that life goes on. and now you sing a different song To the […]

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No milk today

There’s no milk in the office kitchen. The tea drinkers are scratching at the walls. Some have tried adding tip-ex to their brews. Others are trying to milk each other. A wiry woman boils the kettle, empties it and boils it again. The salesman in the corner gnaws a teabag like a cowboy chews tobacco. […]

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Ode to Brown Ink.

Coffee. You beautiful Brown inky bastard. I love you. If I didn’t wake up with you every morning, I don’t know what I’d do. Your taste. Your aroma. Your silky smooth caress. My lips. You wake me up. You make me creative. Make me… Me.

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