The Carpet Cleaner

As the millionaire Chairman knelt on the groundthe workers around him could do nothing but frown.For the silver haired leader, an octogenarian,was restoring the carpet to a sparkling new state again. With more cash in the bank than the east side of Surreyhe scrubbed at the carpet with blood, sweat and hurry.When asked why he […]

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That Flag

That flag up in my window, the one of red and white It doesn’t mean I’m racist, or looking for a fight. It doesn’t mean I’m ‘chav-scum’ or ‘simple’ and on the scrounge. It doesn’t say I’m full of hate, or I’d kick you when you’re down. That flag displays my passion, support for England’s boys. It shows […]

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Running Man

When my brother phoned and told me that he was going for a run, I never thought one moment, it would be under the starter’s gun.   He said he’d do a marathon, (to me an age old Snickers). But no, it was the runny-kind. I couldn’t help but snigger.   It reminded me of […]

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Come wake me. Omit the dreams and start my day. Forgive the grump, I’ll soon be with you. Forever my morning drug of choice. Ever long I hope you’ll last. Enraptured each time you kiss my lips.

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Descent into madness

Who is Andy S? Is he a soldier, a mason, a man in a dress? Who is this mystery man who you speak to? Does he write, does he dance? Is he good at Sudoku? Who is the chap that sits in your phone? Can he speak French, make you laugh or listen t’your moans? […]

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