“The album’s on hold. I’ve downsized,” he would tell people. “You’ve been kicked out,” they would hear. “We grew apart, went our separate ways,” he would continue. “You cheated on your wife, she found out, took the kids and rinsed you for everything you had,” they would interpret. Frank took a deep breath and moved […]

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Maria and the crack

Maria twitched. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been staring at the crack but it must have been a while. The coffee in her cup, previously too hot, was now perfectly drinkable. She blinked rapidly and took a sip, her eyes fixated. It wasn’t pretty. It certainly wasn’t that interesting but here Maria stood. She […]

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Walter Wants Water

Walter smiled. His previously clenched eyelids had loosened but not opened, and his eyes twitched beneath them. The cascading waterfall he was currently bathing in was half a world away from the dusty, red sand where he lay. The dust and dirt of which covered him, clogged every pore and yet proved to be a […]

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Malcolm, Mildred, Jason and Joy

Malcolm and Mildred had lived here for years. At first just a house, they’d eventually made it their home. Mildred was pregnant, and if history (and the size of her tummy) were anything to go by, she was pregnant with septuplets. At this stage in proceedings Malcolm had taken on the role of hunter-gatherer. Every […]

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Docked her

Andrew was a dental practitioner. Whilst it said “Dentist” on his office door, the word “Performer” was emblazoned across his heart. Every last Thursday of the month he’d down tools, grab his suitcase and rush to the moored ferry. A long weekend, the sea, stage lights and rapturous applause would await him. Whilst he loved […]

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