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There are often times when I think, “I should write that down,” and there are times when I think, “I could have written that.” The truth is, I very rarely do and I most probably couldn’t.

Still, here we all are and this is what we’re doing. Trawling the web looking for a distraction from the daily whatever. When I first opened this blog I wanted to think of an angle, something specific to write about rather than all the other failed attempts at blogging in my past which all turned into public diaries of rubbishness.

I couldn’t think of one.



You’re not alone.

In April 2014, I self-published an eBook entitled: People Watching.

People Watching is a collection of fifty two, one hundred word stories involving over fifty unusual characters, some of which you’ve probably met on your travels.

Covering a wealth of subjects including love, friendship, death, sex, plums, religion and chicken kiev all prompted by 52 fantastic photographs.

You can download People Watching from Amazon for less than a pint of beer in your local pub.

Peope Watching Cover

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