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Float on

When the world makes you dither, makes you cry, makes you shiver you can
Just float on.

When It feels like you are wrong, like you’re stuck and all alone you should
Just float on.

When confusion takes ahold, and you’re sick of being told you might
Just float on.

Because when you’re looking down
from the clouds to the ground
Those things wont seem so daunting and
My love will keep you soaring
And you’ll just float on.


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Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of what I’m doi….

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Read it daddy!


Today’s sketch is in support of @readitdaddy and his campaign to remind parents why it’s important (and so much fun) to read to your little ones.

For more information about the campaign, and to read some great reviews on books perfect for reading to and with your kids, head over to the Read it daddy blog.

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Not today, thanks


Some days are better than others.
Sometimes you get given a whole heap of sunshine.
Some days you don’t want anything else.
Sometimes it’s just enough.

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