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Watch the moon hang with me

though miles and miles apart.

Over sea and rock and railways

forever in my heart.

– Inspired, of course, by Fievel Mousekewitz.

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If your heart takes flight
You should hold on tight
and follow it wherever it goes.

If it takes the lead
and tries to flee
you should trust in all it knows.

For your heart is smart
and it will play its part
In the people that you meet

So l urge with pleading
not to ignore the feeling
and listen to the beat.


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Sing a different song

The coffee doesn’t taste as sweet.
And I really don’t want to eat.
The thought we’ll never meet
breaks me.

The sky has misplaced its sun.
Life just doesn’t seem as fun.
I even want to run
to find you.

I know that life goes on.
and now you sing a different song
To the one we sang along

Of course I’ll try to smile.
But it’s going to take a¬†while
In time I’m sure that I’ll,
escape you.



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Wash over you

Letting it all wash over you is a form of art.
To focus yourself & lead from the heart
is easier said, and often not done
but when you succeed you’ll
find it’s a lot of fun.
So grab your life
by the glove,
breathe in
& love.

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