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Elation. Grief. Suffering.

A fellow blogger suggested to me that we start doing some artistic exercises. This coming off the back of me getting him hopelessly addicted to the Draw Something app and us having the same mentality in our execution – that being you draw the most over elaborate sketch for something like “carrot”.

Using the oddball Drawing Brief Generator that Peej found on the internets somewhere we discovered that this weeks subject was:

Within one piece, express the qualities of elation, grief and suffering. Subjects need not be human.

Peej blogged this last night, so I set about sketching as my arm throbbed from being a heroic blood donor (more on that later). I’d already set my mind to doing something with robots but the blood letting sent me in a different direction and I quickly sketched this.

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Bustin’ makes me feel good

A quick doodle created on iPad app, Paper.
Sent in reply to a twittering iOS developer chap tweeting the words “/Takes aim at bug“.

This is, of course, what my mind saw.

Taking aim at a bug. Vroom Stylee.

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I’m batman


In preparation for Dark Knight Rises I’m watching a few animated adventures and found myself doodling in the Paper app. This was the scratchy ramblings of my doodle finger.

I’m batman.
No, I’m batman.

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