All Pain And No Gain

“Do you like pain? I don’t. But sometimes you don’t got any choice.” Her words had been white noise until that point but now I was listening. “Sometimes he’s all like, PAP PAP PAP,” she raised her fists to her face and made little jabbing movements akin to a Victorian boxer. “He loves it, but […]

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The funeral

“How was your funeral?” she asked. She had meant “THE funeral”; I’m fairly sure I’m not dead. Two days ago I wore a black tie with my white shirt; it had just felt like a black tie with a white shirt kind of day. She looked at me and realised I was 15% less scruffy-looking […]

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Thud Thud Thud John’s head pounded rhythmically against the desk. He lifted his neck and looked around. The four other members of his corner office sat at their stations and carried on doing whatever it was they were doing. Thud Finally his hands came to rest upon the keyboard and through blinking eyes he focussed […]

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