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You don’t belong here anymore

He stood in the doorway, looking back at the mess he’d created. Papers scattered about the floor, electronics smashed, furnishings torn and the smell of gasoline filling his senses.

This used to be his home from home. His safe-haven, but now? Now it was all just noise. A collection of stuff that haunted his dreams and gnawed at his waking hours. He picked up the can that leant against the torn burgundy sofa cushions.

Mementos of this life crunched and cracked under foot as he walked, once more, through the rooms; stinging reminders of days past that punched his stomach and whispered vile thoughts.

The trail of petroleum followed him, always one step behind.

He walked through the open front door, eking the last few drops, before tossing the redundant canister. He reached into his top pocket, removed a silver lighter and stood facing the bullied building.

Silently, it begged for mercy.

He turned and began to walk away. This was his Hollywood moment.

His thumb pressed down against the thumbwheel. The flame sparked into life.

“Paul. Paul?” a voice he knew, shook his soul.

“Paul, are you gonna be long, mate?” He looked down at the sheets of paper in his hand. The ‘bin full’ light of the shredder blinking furiously, and Jeremy from accounts huffed, impatiently.



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It had long been said that Fleming Forest was haunted.

The story is told, that two centuries ago a young servant girl had been brutally murdered in the nearby village of Gossip and her body dragged through the streets before being tied to a tree and left there for the local wildlife to feast upon.

For years, teenagers, daredevils, ghost hunters and poets all sought out the spirit of the girl. The spot she was alleged to have died became the hottest campsite in the South.

No one ever reappeared with evidence of a haunting.
They couldn’t.
Ghosts don’t exist.



Submitted for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. See if you can write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words.

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Diet Plans

As the office left for a pub lunch, Rachel opened the folder entitled Diet Plans.

Inside were 4 separate spreadsheets. Each one was labelled “NEW Diet Plan” followed by one of the following words:


She positioned the mouse cursor over the word Bikini and double clicked. The hard drive of the ageing work PC chugged into life as an Excel document dragged itself onto the screen.

Her eyes scanned the spreadsheet taking in the data from several key fields. Her mouth moved rhythmically as she took another bite of the double Gloucester and sweet pickle sandwich.


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Read it, daddies!

As someone that likes to put words in an order that sometimes resembles a coherent sentence or rhyme, I’m certainly guilty of not reading many books. I read, I read a lot. Be it an article, a forum, blog or other online rambling but I just haven’t found the time recently to sit and read a good (or even bad) book for myself.

What I do make time for, however, is reading aloud to my son. Something I’ve done since before he knew what I was even reading about. Something I’ll continue to do until he starts to fully read books himself. And something that ReaditDaddy feels very passionate about.

Today they’ve launched their campaign to get more parents reading to their kids and the statistical findings behind the campaign are really quite sad; with a third of parents questioned admitting to never reading to their offspring.

So turn off Peppa Pig for a second. Stop them from jumping on the furniture. Open up that book that aunty bought them last christmas and just Read it, Daddy!



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