Storm chasing


On a bumpy road from Bluewater back to rainy Darenth today, we attempted to out run a storm. Sure, it wasn’t quite as exciting as AMERICA’S MOST AWESOME STORMS!! But we did leave the windows open in the car which led to some pretty soggy elbows I can tell you.

After seeing a strike of lightning I tried to capture some on film, but like the proverbial watched pot, I got nothing on vid.

I did manage to capture this though, which looked pretty damn cool.

2 thoughts on “Storm chasing

  1. ReadItDaddy (Peej) says:

    That was pretty much our view coming back from Legoland yesterday. Apocalyptic looking clouds closely followed by rain. And surprisingly traffic actually slowing down on the M4 (probably because, like me, their wipers were completely ineffective at clearing the windscreen too)

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