Keep Pushin’ On

Last week I scribbled some words down specifically for my friend to use in his quest for FAWM glory. FAWM (February Album Writing Month) challenges musicians to come up with an albums worth of songs for nothing more than the thrill of it.

The words I came up with felt quite punky to me. Deserving of a quick, loud burst of music that was over as soon as it got going. Greg duly delivered with this fantastic rip-roaring 1min 45sec track with chewed up lyrics and a thumping bass line that doesn’t let go of your brain the entire day.

Please click here and have a listen and let me know what you think!

My lyrics below, the revised lyrics on the link above

Keep Pushin’

If it’s not both ways,
then it’s just an obsession.

Try and smile to
fight the depression.

Keep pushin’ through just don’t look back.

Time may be a healer
but it can’t fix that.

The choices you make are yours to keep.
Dreams forever but not asleep.

Try and run, there’s a train to catch.

Keep pushin’ through just don’t look back.

Drink and sing
’til your heart turns black

Dance and shout
’til the world bites back

Keep pushin’ through
just don’t look back.

Keep pushin’ through
and never turn back

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