The cars silently made their way around the black maze of the city as she looked down through a ceiling of flickering streetlights far below the hotel window. As she removed her hand from the pocket of her open gown she fingered the skin on her ring finger with her thumb. A sigh, halfway between contentment and concern escaped her, as the figure in the bed behind her stirred.

Ignoring the movements beneath the crumpled sheets she continued to stare out of the window, the gown now hanging completely free, her naked body on show to anyone able to look up 32 floors. As she watched the world creep by she caught sight of her reflection in the window, her eyes examined herself as if for the very first time. Her brown eyes looked back, judging. Skin, pale in the moonlight confidently hugging the curves of her body that she once hid from view. Her dark hair ruffled, showing all the hallmarks of laying and not sleeping.

Her chest rose as she took a deep breath of the musky air. The window needed washing and so did she.

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