How do you do?

Following on from the last class discussing the importance of Point of View, this week we looked at 3rd person and in more detail, 2nd person. Something I’ve never really thought about in great detail but have used quite a bit already. To nail it 100% the idea was to not include mes, myor Is. (I didn’t click on to that at first).

Our first exercise was to write a love story to the one you love in the 2nd person using 100 words.

How do you do?

How does that song go? You know the one. “How do you do what you do to me? I wish I knew. “Well… How DO you do the things you do to me? Because if I knew, I truly would do them to you. Maybe I do, but if you think about it, you rarely let me know.

Do you remember that time you wouldn’t let me see you first thing in the morning? You said “not without at least brushing my hair”, you got out from the bed and you ran to the bathroom. When you came back you had perfect hair, perfect skin and the breath of a toothpaste tester. You didn’t see me catch you in the mirror as you fled. With your scruffy hair and naked body.
In that fleeting moment, you already looked perfect to me.


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