Larry was a sheep.

At least, Larry thought he was a sheep. He’d read about them in books and was convinced he had all the hallmarks. He flocked with the others and the plural of his name was the same as the singular. What more proof did he need?

The other sheep didn’t like Larry. They thought he was weird. They constantly bashed him during the rush hour and last Friday a stranger had yelled “bbaaaaaaaa-stard” at him as he did his weekly shop.

Totally unprovoked.

Larry didn’t like being a sheep. Perhaps it was time to be something else.



This fishy tale was submitted as part of the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt weekly challenge.

20 thoughts on “Sheeps

  1. CherryPickens says:

    Larry’s a follower. If chasing the herd doesn’t work, perhaps joining the school will. If not, there’s always the flock. Thanks for the cool read.

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