Comfortable lives

Tis Friday once again, so time for Friday Fictioneers – hosted by the ever-present Rochelle.

This week, I have been mostly piggybacking the lovely Jessie Ansons and penned a response to her great story “Comfortable Footwear“.


It was soon our tenth anniversary, but if she kept banging on about it, I doubt very much that we’d see our eleventh.

She’d been leaving hints. Post-it notes with hearts, coupons for flowers, there were suddenly more candles around the place than before.

I‘d got the message.

She wanted to go to the club, which was cool. We had friends there.

As I got dressed, I’d given ‘Big Bouncing’ Barry a call.

I stood by the front door. Freshly ironed shirt and slacks, hair slicked back, and my best (worst) comfy slippers on my feet. “I’m ready,” I called.


PHOTO PROMPT Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

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