“You said they were white,” Vic said.“They are,” replied Andy. “It’s just that, well, the sun – it’s making them look a bit different.”

“The sun?”

“Yeah, the sun. It’s making them look a bit…”


“Yeah. Orangey.”

There was a brief silence as they both digested the science of it all.

“Like one of those T shirts?” asked Vic.


“Those T shirts. The ones that changed colour when they got hot. I bet they’re made of the same stuff. Mine was blue at first, but I’d worn it so much that I always used to have orangey pits.”
– – 

I’ve missed Friday Fictioneers, but with my time being focused on a new job and looking after my little ones it’s been tough to give it the time of day. But hey, I can’t stay away forever! 

Great pic from Sandra, and I hope to read a whole bunch of stories this week. 

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