“You said they were white,” Vic said.“They are,” replied Andy. “It’s just that, well, the sun – it’s making them look a bit different.”

“The sun?”

“Yeah, the sun. It’s making them look a bit…”


“Yeah. Orangey.”

There was a brief silence as they both digested the science of it all.

“Like one of those T shirts?” asked Vic.


“Those T shirts. The ones that changed colour when they got hot. I bet they’re made of the same stuff. Mine was blue at first, but I’d worn it so much that I always used to have orangey pits.”
– – 

I’ve missed Friday Fictioneers, but with my time being focused on a new job and looking after my little ones it’s been tough to give it the time of day. But hey, I can’t stay away forever! 

Great pic from Sandra, and I hope to read a whole bunch of stories this week. 

14 responses to “Orangey”

  1. I used to work with someone similarly afflicted. 😦 I think I can say that this might be a unique take on this week’s prompt, so full marks for originality. 😉

  2. Interesting… mood shirts. That could be really weird, especially if everyone in an office wore them. At least, you’d know who to avoid. LOL! Loved this write!

  3. Welcome back, Peter. Humorous story. I think I’d stop wearing a shirt with dye that came off on my skin. You never know what’s in stuff these days. Creative use of the prompt. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne

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