Creative doubt / creative drought

I’ve posted so many of these “oh I haven’t posted for ages” blogs that I’ve probably already started one like this. The thing is, the creative-well appears to have dried up of late – certainly from a “just for me” point of view. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Perhaps I’m getting all I need creatively-speaking from my work these days? Perhaps being in digital marketing is more fulfilling than it sounds or indeed feels.

Perhaps most likely of all is this god damned sinus infection (“it isn’t,” says the GP, “it isn’t,” say the x-ray people, “oh it might be,” says the specialist 18 months on) that has been dragging me by the nostrils further down the spiral for quite some time now. Surgery has now been offered, a process I shan’t go into detail about, but needless to say I haven’t jumped excitedly at the chance to try. I would like to feel better though. I’d like to feel like my old self. And by old self, I mean young self. Or failing that, the self that could breathe freer or could go a day without really wanting a nap. The self that saw Friday and Saturday night as opportunities to stay up late and to hell with the conse…. christ, even typing that has made me feel sleepy.

I’d like to give this blog another crack though, especially considering I’ve already paid the £4.99 for the domain for another year. We were having fun with the stories, weren’t we? It’ll be a matter of making time rather than finding time, though I fear that will mean slightly less gaming or cooking or watching football or working. One of those will definitely have to give, and I’ll be honest – I really like gaming, cooking and watching football.

So to anyone reading, subscribed or otherwise: I’m not dead. I’m just very, very tired and I have long forgotten how to shave or buy new shoes. Honestly, it’s fine.


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