The Great Beyond

“One day we’ll be looking down from up there and we’ll laugh about all of this,” Katie looked for recognition but Piers didn’t flinch.

“Do you believe,” she started.

“If you’re asking whether I believe that you and I will ride off into the sunset with our heads held high, troubles lost in a cloud of memories, our bloodied hands washed away by the dusk-drenched rivers, and our souls purified by a greater power then…” he paused. Katie fingered the cross around her neck.

“I think we’ve probably pissed him off. Just how forgiving do you think he is?”

Here’s a little 100-worder for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. Please feel free to comment, critique, like or subscribe for more!

Want to hear me read this to you? 

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44 thoughts on “The Great Beyond

  1. Nice. I like the fact that they could be talking about some bad but normal event they’ve both been party to, or something much greater than themselves – like ruining the planet – and ‘him’ is some God-like being.

  2. Sounds like they’re in a lot of trouble to me. Forgiveness doesn’t come without repentance, and even then, there are still consequences.

  3. Beautifully written. I like where the prompt took you, I went to a similar place. I agree with Sandra the third paragraph was artfully crafted to create doubt and questions.

  4. Interesting — I like how the “bloodied hands” might be literal (in which case, yeah, their god might not be so forgiving) or figurative, in which case he might be talking about anything. And yet, don’t we all at one time feel guilt about deeds done or undone and wonder if we deserve forgiveness?

  5. You ramp up the tension well. Katie’s first line could apply to thwarted aspirations, or general misery. Then you introduce ‘bloodied hands’, which could be literal or metaphorical, but definitely nudges the reader in the direction of serious transgression. Your last line of course introduces the thought that Piers suspects that what they’ve done may be unforgivable; and that really makes the imagination work overtime. Murder? Mass murder? Murder of a close family member for their money?
    BTW I think maybe you mean wash their bloodied hands clean, rather than wash their bloodied hands away, which conjures up a rather grisly vision of severed limbs…

    1. Thanks for reading. Hmm, I think you’re technically right but it doesn’t scan as well – and I’m always wanting to hit that 100 word limit on the nose so occasionally things do slip. Thank you for the feedback!

  6. Loved the imagery here. Bloodied hands, and fingering the cross. Such is human nature to justify wrong doings – you captured this well. But Piers seems to at least realise the evil of their deed.

  7. Loved listening to you read your story (lovely voice) and that you left us questioning the “what” they have done to “whom”… Beautiful descriptions.

  8. 🙂 Loved this, great characters and I’m left wondering what bloodied their hands. What have this pair been up to!

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