Daniel, Son

Daniel recently had a son.

The word “recently” means different things to different people. For some it represents a couple of days. To others the cut off could be a few weeks, maybe months. For Daniel and his sleep-deprived mind, he was starting to count “recently” in decades.

New movies were being remade.
“Remade” had been relabelled “rebooted”.
His favourite games were retro, and the exciting albums he was still recommending to his peers were celebrating 20 year anniversaries.

Christ, even his son had grown a beard.

He looked at the message on his phone. “Dad, It’s a boy!”

Listen to me read, below.

Written as part of Friday Fictioneers. Find out more from Rochelle’s page here, or jump straight in with this week’s photo prompt and read other stories here.

This week’s prompt had me thinking of Daniel-San of Karate Kid fame, and my own mortality. Weird, right?

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