From college this week. Set a scene at someone’s house just before they come home. 100 words. The Sport The creaky, cracked, black, faux leather sofa was where he kept it. Always the left hand side and never the right. Sometimes it was under the heavy seat cushion but today only a handful of grey […]

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The living room

One more from the memory class at college. The topic – First Room.   The living room was my play room. The living room was the dining room, the back room and the front room. The living room was every room.   The living room had a hi-fi. The hi-fi had sharp corners. I had […]

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Asleep in the hay

College assignment: An eye witness account of something I couldn’t possibly have seen. I decided to attempt a scripted version of this. Not sure I really got what wanted down on paper, so I might tackle this again some other time. Anyway, here it is. Excuse the formatting, it’s gone a bit shonky. Fade up […]

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When the snow came

I did something new recently. I enrolled on a course. 15 years since my last involvement at college I decided to learn more about what I’m starting to love doing. Writing. I’m sure you’ll hear me bleat on about that in further bloggages, but for now I thought I’d have a quick stab at one […]

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