When the snow came

I did something new recently. I enrolled on a course. 15 years since my last involvement at college I decided to learn more about what I’m starting to love doing. Writing. I’m sure you’ll hear me bleat on about that in further bloggages, but for now I thought I’d have a quick stab at one of the exercises that we ran out of time to cover.

The brief: Write a few words on the following line “When the snow came“.

I was sat on the edge of the bed when the snow came.
Watching as it fell, slowly, like white rain.
The warmth of my room was hugging me close,
as the roads and the pavements and dripping taps froze.

I sat and I stared when the snow fell.
Watching as it erased all colour from the world.
Replacing the filth and the dirt and the grime,
with a fresh sheet of paper to start a new time.

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