Greg, Jimmy, John, Pete and I

It began like any other, civilised, night out. A few beers, a glass or four of Pinot and several shots later, things took a turn. Gregory started it. He’d just started randomly singing to himself. That’s when Jimmy picked up the lute and began belting out this awesome riff. Did you know Jimbob played the […]

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Come wake me. Omit the dreams and start my day. Forgive the grump, I’ll soon be with you. Forever my morning drug of choice. Ever long I hope you’ll last. Enraptured each time you kiss my lips.

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Ode to Brown Ink.

Coffee. You beautiful Brown inky bastard. I love you. If I didn’t wake up with you every morning, I don’t know what I’d do. Your taste. Your aroma. Your silky smooth caress. My lips. You wake me up. You make me creative. Make me… Me.

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